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There are many application with Raspberry Pi and many program to use to make your projects, but for the first steps with this amazing micro computer you have to know how to set it up, install the OS and other similar things. So: don't waste time and let's start to configure your Rasoberry Pi!

What you need
That's important! Raspberry Pi can't work without an additional hardware: monitor, mouse and key borad are essential to use Raspberry Pi, at least for the first time (in the first tutorial is explained how to use your laptop monotor and keybord with Raspberry Pi, but you have to do your first configuration with your external hardware). Another essential thing you need is the SD card (32GB). On your SD you'll install the OS, so it is really important.

The first thing is to download the OS and install it on you SD card. Go on the Raspberry Pi foundation site and downoad the Raspberry Pi OS imager (https://www.raspberrypi.org/software/).

  1. Open the imager, and select the operative system. The first is the official Raspberry Pi foundation OS (raccomended), but you can choose a third part OS.

2. Now select your SD card
3. Than click on the "write" button.
Your Raspberry Pi OS is installed on your SD card.

Now turn on your micro pc:
  1. Insert the mouse and keyboard USB.
  2. Inset the SD card
  3. Insert the HDMI (or micro HDMI if you have a Raspberry Pi Zero.
  4. Insert the power cable
Automatically the OS will be installed on the Raspberry Pi, just wait.

Now your Raspberry Pi is ready, great!
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